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Don't Lose Because Democrats Buried Your Campaign with Mail

Close the AB/EV Gap and Take Home the Win With the Leading Voter Turnout System.


How it Works

The four-step GOP Voter Turnout System uses the most proven and innovative outreach to target non-guaranteed voters only, and improve their total turnout by double-digits

Identify Voter Universe

Step 1

We establish a Universe of contacts that need an extra push to vote first, and measure our success based off of those voters only.

Increase Ballot Applications

Step 2

Integrate vote-by-mail into all aspects of campaign outreach, increasing VBM applications by double-digits.

Increase Ballot Returns

Step 3

Maximize early and correct vote-by-mail returns; assist individual voters who encounter issues.

In-Person Turnout Boost

Step 4

Deploy proven outreach to remainder of voter universe, improving in-person Election Day turnout by 8-12%

Maximize Voter Turnout

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Results that Move the Needle


The Voter Turnout System is a force multiplier that enhance our ability to reach our non-guaranteed voters at scale. It has been instrumental in helping us contact hard-to-reach voters, expand our target universes, and turn out voters who would have stayed home otherwise.

Dave Galluch

Executive Director, Delaware County GOP & Congressional Candidate

Turn Out Your Universe

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